What sets us apart?

Understanding your vision and then delivering on it. An inventive spirit and consistent high quality, whether exhibition hall, office space, store fitting, gastronomy or retail. We rely on our know-how to give every idea the space it needs. As an experienced partner, we plan, create and realize your project for you. With you. What that looks like is hidden behind these boards:

What do we offer?


Phase: Material

You bring us your illustrated idea. We preserve the stylistic look of all the building elements without sacrificing any functionality. Through intensive material research , we develop custom solutions and give further advice.

You cannot decide directly between several possible versions? No problem, we are happy to produce different samples for direct comparison. You choose.


Phase: Budget

We won’t let creative plans fail because of budget limits. That’s why we provide an accurate cost estimate for your upcoming project early on.

This allows us to identify budget-breaking materials and replace them with a less expensive equivalent. The final cost estimate can be forwarded to your clients well in advance of the project start date to guarantee a swift construction start.


Phase: Development

Now the only thing missing is a solid foundation. In order to strengthen your concept with long-lasting stability, we offer a construction development.

Up until here, all our services are free of charge for you.

Your idea seems too complicated? We will be happy to draw an execution plan for your upcoming project. Which also helps to precisely determine the costs involved.


Phase: Fine tuning

We are almost off to building. First, we design a project model in digital form. If approval is granted, we produce precise assembly instructions down to the smallest nail.

To ensure the exact execution, we always take over the Project lead and are your contact all the way through.


Phase: Realization

Now we are building. We take the lead during production and assembly. For particularly large projects we are supported by capable partners.

What has been built should be maintained. If major damage ever occurs, do not hesitate to contact us for repair work.

Whether it’s a booth for an expo, custom work for a new office, or a creative store, Hamburg is the place for your next big idea.

Make your next big idea a reality now.

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